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One hell of a sweet hello! I am Louie, a 20 year old Belgian student with a serious passion for anything edible.

My story goes back to when I was a little kid. Astonished by my mother’s wonderfully prepared meals, I remember imitating her as a toddler in my play kitchen. Being the youngest of three kids, my granny used to spoil me with the sweetest pies & pastries that she bought at her favorite bakery. Whenever I think of the smell of those fresh rozijnenkoeken that she bought me, my heart instantly starts to melt. As I grew older, I started (binge)watching cooking series and reading tons of baking books. Exactly at that moment, I developed a big admiration for my holy trinity of food writers: Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver & Jeroen Meus. They inspired me (and probably millions of other people too) that you don’t need to be a chef to do your own thing in the kitchen, as long as you’re passionate about it. Hell yeah.

In 2011, I founded my first baking blog ‘Louie’s Sweet Kitchen’. Whereas it was initially meant as a personal database for saving my favorite recipes, I quickly realized how exciting it was to share my culinary adventures with other foodies. As practice makes perfect, I started writing my own recipes and changed the name of the blog into ‘Baked Louie’s’. In 2012, after a Tweet from flemish tv chef Wim Ballieu, I got the chance to write my first baking book. I was only 17 when ‘Baked Louie’s’ hit the shelves.

Turning almost 20, the time was right to start writing a second baking book: “Baked Louie’s Feest” (or “Baked Louie’s Feast” in English). It appeared in bookstores in March 2017.



One brownie selfie at a time.

Food photography is one of my biggest passions. Still learning, I’m constantly eager to create my own signature style & get your tastebuds working!


Higher, faster, stronger!

New book launch (March 2017) & tons of fresh recipes.


Let’s make sweet things happen. Get in contact here.