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Baked Louie’s Feest – get ready for a big sugar rush.


Price: 24,95 euro

Language(s): Dutch

BAKED LOUIE’S 1 (2014)

Whoever thought that baking is something very feminine, too difficult or outmoded, might think again. It’s so much more than just mixing some flour, eggs and butter and baking it in the oven. It’s pure magic.

In my first book, Baked Louie’s (2014), I want to excite every single human being to discover the great world of baking. How about a creamy coconut cake on a hot summer night, homemade melo cakes or my signature dish oreo cake? Add 70+ more recipes and a bunch of babyface portraits (I was only 17 back then) and there’s my first no-nonsense baking book!


Price: 24,95 EUR

Language(s): Dutch

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